Heather House Programs

Since Heather House’s inception in 2001, under the direction of the Interfaith Council of Solano County, we have served thousands of homeless women and children. New programs have been offered and we have diversified our service to include single fathers with children, two parent families and homeless individuals with mental health diagnosis. Additionally, for clients who graduate the 90 day program, but are unable to find housing, we have a transitional home.

Emergency Shelter/ 90 Day Work Program

The homeless shelter has a full kitchen, dining room, and six bedrooms, with 24-bed capacity. We have zero tolerance for drug or alcohol use.
  • Clients are required to complete daily chores, enforce regular scheduled bedtimes for children, and we have a strict curfew for all residents.
  • Clients are required to turn in job search forms and housing search forms.
  • Additionally, proof of income and savings is required.
  • Case management assessments are required weekly and include resource referrals and program participation letters for residents to attach to housing applications. Clients also receive clothing donations, hygiene products, and food assistance.
  • Mandatory workshops occur twice a week and cover a diverse range of life skills including parenting, credit repair, nutrition, resume and cover letter writing, preparing for job interviews and more.
  • Optional workshops include Bible Study and Fun On the Run for kids.
  • In partnership with Fairfield Library, Heather House reserves the Computer Center once a month for clients to complete resumes, cover letters, and learn basic computer skills.

Mental Health Shelter

Homeless individuals with a mental health diagnosis receive clinical case management from Caminar. Heather House also offers case management with similar requirements to our Emergency Shelter/ 90 Day Work Program. Clients live in apartment style units and receive food assistance as needed. The program runs for 6 months to a year.

Transitional Housing

Graduated clients from the Heather House 90 Day Work Program have an option to enter the on-site transitional house if available. Clients pay a reduced rent and receive case management as needed. Housing is offered for 6 months, allowing new graduates an oppurtunity to build rental history. The home has 4 bedrooms, one bathroom, a living room, full kitchen and washer and dryer. 
          Get Involved!
  1. Workshop Faciltator
    Workshop Faciltator
    Share your skills and knowledge as a workshop facilitator.
  2. Donate
    We accept clothing, toiletries & school supplies as needed. Please call ahead.
  3. Children's Activities
    Children's Activities
    Volunteer to read or facilitate an art project.